Cecilia I. Comeau


Jewelry designer and curator Cecilia I. Comeau has spent her entire life in the jewelry trade.  Daughter of Italian Immigrants to Argentina, Cecilia comes from over 60 years of family jewelry tradition dating back to her parents roots in Milan, Italy and later in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cecilia spent her childhood working in her family’s jewelry design and manufacturing business in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Cecilia, fluent in 6 languages, has developed and grown her jewelry fashion expertise having lived and practiced in Buenos Aires, New York, Istanbul, London, Sao Paulo and now residing in Miami, Florida.   Cecilia’s appeal to customers is her ability to adapt her collection to the character traits of the client.  Her unique and extenisive global perspective has allowed her to bring in timeless design from the old world as well as cutting edge jewelry that reflects today’s fashion trends.

Cecilia’s passion is combining the finest in gem stones with only 18 karat gold.   Her collections are platformed over a “size matters” philosophy as she believes a properly accessorized woman is a confident woman.   Cecilia’s keen global fashion perspective is complimented by formal accreditation by the Gemology Institute of America and she is also a standing member of the ethic minded Jewelers Vigilance Council.   Her individualized approach focuses on private one-on-one jewelry fashion consultations with Cecilia’s select range of specialty precious and semi precious stones always in 18k gold settings.

Cecilia has a strong record of fund raising and is very active on several philanthropic causes including, Jackson Memorial Hospital’s “Guardian Angels”, sponsor of Broward County’s Girls and Boys Club of America, Boggy Creek and others.    Cecilia is an Executive Board Member of American Cancer Society in Miami Dade County.